välkommen på min första solo-utställning!

det blir vin, snacks, livemusik och fotografi om oväntad men självklar kärlek! välkomna!

Sub(tle) Conciousness

My book Sub(tle) Conciousness is on view at Göteborgs Stadsmuseum until this sunday, 24/3, along with sixteen other books made by my fellow students at Valand Academy. We'll be wrapping up our show with candy, cider and book- and printsale! Come join us!


želiv, czech republic.
fuji 400h pro, 120mm.


 an idea that never became anything.
fuji 400h pro, 120mm.

leaving prague was the best descion i ever made

last nights in prague, march 2018. 
35mm ilford hp5+

collodion wet plates

8x10 inch collodion wet plates on tin. 


120mm / ilford hp5+ / hasselblad 500cm
today, it's been a year since my grandfather passed. it's time i show how i coped with the funeral.

winter in praha

35mm / ilford hp5+
made a bunch of updates to the website. go have a look; petronellaaslund.com

broumov, czech republic

hasselblad, kodak porta 400.


cyanotype made from 8x10in negative.


                          I am wanderingbut I am not lost 
                          I am stumbling around in the dark, but I know where I am. 
                          It might be that I am on the wrong path, going in the wrong direction. 
                          The darkness is closing in on me and I try to focus my mind. 
                          Maybe I am headed the right way, just for the wrong reasons
35mm, ilford hp5+. prague, czech republic. 8x10" silver gelatin prints.

birthday party

35mm, fujicolor superia 200 / ilford hp5+.

seventies cami

hasselblad 500cm, 120mm, ilford hp5+.


hasselblad 500cm, 120mm, ilford hp5+. prokopské údolí park outside of prague, czech republic.



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