with signe.

spring flowers

monday night when the sun set

stockholm, 110425 | love it.

skansen II

stockholm, 110422


the perfect video

a. johnson.


snabbis the bunny

why are people so bad to each other?

via mayday- | oh my god.

day two: a black and white photo

stockholm, 110315 | i created this when i sat alone on the docks and feeling a bit blue. trying to pepp myself for a bit.

princes and princesses

via weheartit | simple perfection. i love disney!

day one: a straight-out-of-the-camera photo

stockholm, 110415 | at lunch time. desirée having sushi and sofia not getting any.

tussilago in swedish

vårtecken, vårkänslor och vårbrännor

stockholm, 110417 | loveliest, warmest, sunniest day of the year thus far! and can anyone guess who that extremely sunburnt girl is?

she holds the last of winter in her hand

with maud åslund.

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