resumé: december 2011

visited marcus in göteborg
met his boyfriend ola
wore a fake nose ring
made a little video
had coffee with jocke
photographed amanda and johan together
and photographed johan alone
and amanda alone
went out and partied
photographed her in the freezing storm
made another video
helped christmas decorate the school
baked ginger bread cookies
partied with amanda and karolina
looked like this
spent christmas with these
and my grandfather
had dinner with these
and tonight's new year's eve!!

turkey dinner

christmas eve

just realized how amazing me and my mates are

resumé: november 2011

had tea with signe

took a stroll around old town

had a fucking amazing dinner with my best friend

we visited the graveyard on haloween eve

had lunch with him and many others

this is frida

was in class

had asian buffet with jocke and the boys

went in to town

met with rebecca fexby

had a photoshoot with myself

showed you what's in my bag

helped out at the second hand night in school

resumé: october 2011

drank a lot of coffee

got a lovely envelope from catarina seixas

went to sofia's dinner with desirée

celebrated sofia's 18th birthday..

with all of these!

got on a plane to dublin, all by myself!

strolled around the dublin streets

had dinner with my second cousin martina

had bagels for breakfast

passed the hotel where we stayed in march

admired the electricity cabinets

spent some time in there

drank awesome guinness

went to see the cliffs of moher on the other side of ireland

the storm was a fact

visited an irish graveyard

came home and put together a little video of irish musicians

had lunch with him

made whales

had another photoshoot

with amanda!

this became one of my favourite photos

i realized i could be creepy as well

made yet another video

had wine with signe at vapiano

and i talked a lot and when i talk i seem to look like this

helped johan dress up as a bird for haloween

went out for a guinness with elin

merry christmas

something beautiful

all sources on my tumblr

resumé: september 2011

spent some time with desirée

went corn picking with my family

and used the corn as swords

went to english class way too early with desirée

oscar wore the cool superman hat

the leaves turnes yellow

jammed with jocke

had a massive lunch with beautiful elin

had lunch at herman's

discovered a cool builing which i've passed a hundred times and never noticed

i bought a canon eos 5d mkII !!!

i apparently ate a lot of berries

me and amanda had our first shoot together. we clicked!

i made a video with real moving image!
had a beautiful, freezing shoot with desirée

hung out with johan

sent some texts

hung out with the music students in the wild

watched the ark play for the last time

celebrated signe's 18th birthday

randomly ran into anna

had coffee with signe on the balcony

resumè: august 2011

took a ride with the ferry with edgar

and got off by gröna lund

i had a lot of tea

i visited the photographic museum

spent time with my mother and my brother

i got another tattoo

visited a market place with emilie

played a massive amount of the sims medieval

marcus came to visit the big city

and he looked really cool

and then we all went back to school and summer was over

saturday night

resumé: july 2011

had pizza under a tree a peace and love festival

kitty looked cool

we saw a huge heart-shaped balloon

i worke my ass of at a ten hour shift

woke up early and cooked pasta and meatballs for breakfast

sara was hungry

and i was freakin starving!

waited in a very long line to pee, but remained happy

and shared a langos with sara for real dinner

had dinner with olivia

and showed off my tattoo

started out a stoockholm boogie night at skinnarviksberget

and the boys jumped from västerbron

anton looked pretty cool

some of us bathed in the summer warm water

built a feather mask with linn and photographed her in it

and shot her in the kitty mask as well

bought a new dress

had tea with alina

saw albin flinkas play live at parkteatern

went to the island and lived in my hen house

we fished for crab

arne hated me for taking so many pictures

i hung out with these two

we caught a lot of mackerel

i made another stopmotion movie, this time of photos from the island

i developed some analouge photos

i hung out with signe

scanned a lot of my mother's old new zealand photos
had wine with signe while watching a beautiful sunset

resumé: june 2011

went to siesta festival with elin and had a blast!

and i watched the kooks with fanny

and i was haaaappy

made a video!

spent the very last day of rescue services with jocke...

..and the rest of the class

and some even swam in that freezing lake

built mini cameras out of paper

there was a big hole in sergel's torg

celebrated graduation with friends and beer

the hammock broke and the girls fell to the ground

found an old fish head by desirée's country house and edgar opened the bubbly

and we swam in the sunset

pratied with friends

and ended the night on a hill with the same friends

printed a john lennon shirt

and printed a kooks tee as well

went to peace and love festival with anneli

had a massive lunch at the thai buffet with amanda

and she wore an amazing jacket

i met kitty who'd lost her tent, so she stayed in mine

sara and anneli woke up early because it was warm as fuck in the tent

i got the imagine tattoo!

some of the festivalers had pretty tents

i fisheyed kitty

karro was crazy happy!

as was anna

edgar and jakob bromanced



resumé: may 2011

had an italian snail for a pet. his name was tribbiani, but then he escaped.

cooked dinner with signe.

played along the shoreline

went out shooting with fanny

had a lot of nice breakfasts

i even made a breakfast video

had a fishtale braid

did something including our rescue services teachers, but can't remember what

did the final fire practice with rescue services class

won a poetry competition alongside johan

did another self portrait

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