yes, i did.


yes, i did.

peace and love II

first evening and first morning at our camp at peace and love. just me, anneli and jakob.

peace and love!

see you lovers in a week. now it's music time!

friday inspiration II

all picture sources on my weheartit page | hey! you guys have to check out my cargo collective.

friday inspiration

all sources on my tumblr.

photographic homework I

bambi northwood-blyth

pics from something as ordinary as google... | i dyed my eyebrows yesterday! now i almost look like bambi! almost, haha.

thursday inspiration II

really really unfair!

it's been really aweful weather for these last two weeks. the two weeks that i've been working outside in that very pool. and when i go on vacation it starts looking like this!

thursday inspiration

all sources on my tumblr.

home made the kooks tee

since they weren't selling any kooks shirts at the siesta festival i decided to make my own. printer fucked up, but i love it!

home made lennon top

i printed this myself about an hour ago! so pleased!

saturday friend

this saturday i went to see the laaast show of hair. the last one. and i was on the front row! and the beautiful albin flinkas who plays claude kissed me! happiness. this is my friend who made me go one last time!

s¡esta! the movie

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