dublin: the movie

while i'm at school studying my brains out i hope you'll enjoy this one. lots of love!

imagine what it would be like...

dublin: at the irish museum of modern art

dublin, 110304 | one weren't aloud to take picture inside the museum, except for the café, which was kinda lovely!

dublin: super coolest hostel!

dublin, 110304 | if i ever go to dublin again, that's where i'm gonna stay!

dublin: best breakfast!

dublin, 110304 | best dublin breakfast ever! too bad i don't remember what it's called...

anyone wanna give me these in size six?

via hawtvintage | if you've got a pair of these and don't want them, email me: petronella@ninetythreesecrets.com.

this is bad for you

stockholm, 1103something | don't start smoking. in the end it can kills you.

girls night friday

stockholm, 110325 | weei! this friday we spent the night together making waffles and watching movies!

when we missed our train stop and had to walk two stops back

stockholm, 110325 | this friday we were on the train and we missed our stop with about a second. and then the train didn't stop at the next one, so we had to walk two stops to get to our final destination. i loved it!

we had the day off

dublin: friends.

howth, ireland, 110303 | i love you.

dublin: the temple bar

dublin, 110303.

dubiln: a pub where we weren't really aloud

dublin, 110303 | we went to a pub. we didn't notice until we were about to leave that the age limit was twentyone years old.

dublin: hotel winer

dublin, 110303 | continuence on the previous post.

dubiln: hotel room dinner

dublin, 110303 | one day we had a little dinner in our hotel room, just because we'd had so much for lunch. for dinner we bought us a bottle of wine, we only forgot that we didn't have either glasses or a bottle opener... but we managed anyhow!

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