amanda koskela

with amanda koskela.

desirée brutar

with desirée brutar.


exactly one year ago

with johan carls.

london 12.01.10-12.01.13!

me and beloved karro are going to london in january! yey!

school assignment

got an assignment in school yesterday to create a new cover to an old album. and since i listened to this on my way to school this is what i came up with.

2hand night at vgy

day three: favourite season

this being all of them! (all sources to be found on my tumblr.)

went to a portfolio review... II

day two: everything in my bag

my red sketch book, my black calendar, my pen case, all of my colour pencils, my camera (the old one got to pretend to be the 5d), my traveller card, my headphones, my ipod, my pecil and my wallet.

ireland: graveyard

irish graveyards are so much cooler than swedish ones.

day one: a photo of me plus ten facts about me

one: i am eighteen years old. two: i am onehundred and sixtynine centimetres high. three: i never leave the house without my camera. four: i'm broke. five: i don't really like photos in colour, black and whites are cooler. six: i am having massive trouble coming up with facts about myself. seven: i am truly uncomfortable being photographed. eight: i am very, very, very sick of school. nine: yet i want to study photography as soon as i graduate. ten: i might be in love with this amazing guy.

i challenge myself and i challenge you

day one: a photo of me plus ten facts about me. day two: everything in my bag. day three: my favourite season. day four: a photo of me and what i was wearing. day five: one picture per hour. day six: the kind of men i fall for. day seven: my favourite holiday. day eight: a picture of me and my best friend. day nine: my goals, dreams and wishes. day ten: my dream wedding. day eleven: a picture of me from a year ago. day twelve: something i regret. day thirteen: a person i want to see right now. day fourteen: what i had to eat today. day fifteen: my favourite movie/s. day sixteen: a song that always makes me happy.        i challenge myself to keep this up.

went to a portfolio review...

... and he LOVED my work! / with amanda koskela & linn stenberg.


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