lars arenström

with uncle lars arenström. listen to his music here.

for a minute or two


everybody hurt

with jannis tordheim.

the pregnant lady at lachapelle

with susanne karlsson.

who are you, really? - the exhibition

upper left: johan carls, amanda koskela. upper right: linn stenberg. lower left: fanny fristedt. lower right: amanda koskela, mimmi koskela.
this is how the photographs hung on the wall at the gallery where me and my classmates showed our work. the upper left one is sold. any more buyers?

marta II

model: marta oldenburg. makeup: lisa fredriksson. hair: joacim carlsson. stylist: evelina nässén.

i solemnly swear that i am up to no good

self portrait with new mug.

on the threshold of a dream

self portrait.


not even then, you see me III

with olivia dahlqvist.

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