siesta! II

with eldkvarn, rebecca & fiona & the hives.

siesta! I

finally got internet access! tons of photos to come!

rhubarb hippie drink

same, same but different

school assignment. to create a picture on opposites. i've used the opposing colours blue and orange on the theme "micro, macro" where micro is represented in the orange and the macro in the earth. the colour one becomes a bit clearer if you make it smaller!

black ocean

with albin åslund.

cuddle III

with alexander hellborg, hugo trygg, johan carls & petronella åslund/me.

cuddle II

with minna månsson, amanda koskela & august jeansson.

inspiration wave IX

photos by clara uddman, sam king, catarina seixas, edward t. cooke, andreas löfstrandbenjamin bergh.

cuddle I

with karolina nyqvist, fredrik välme, johan carls & amanda koskela.

kick off

with christine gelfgren, marie carlsson, petronella åslund/me & andreas löfstrand.

chicas II

with malin anderstedt, minna månsson, amanda koskela, minna yr persson & tove lindgren.


with desirée brutar & tove lindgren.

one two three four

1 & 2 by dennis auburn miles. 3 & 4 by david black.

strawberry diaquiries

with signe.


this summer i am going to be the festival photographer at nyheter24! and a big thanks to karin bylund, for the help.

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