hello love

i found lars winnerbäck


miss brutar

miss månsson

i found bon iver

i found mumford and sons

i found first aid kit

i found laleh


after eight weeks


accepted to both parsons and icp in new york

good evening. it takes something out of the ordinary for me to actually write anything i a blog post but this is truly something special. yesterday i got my admissions letter from parsons the new school in new york, i cried happy tears and celebrated it with seeing mumford & sons playing live. when i got home after the show, in all my happiness, i found that i've been accepted to icp too! so now i have to choose between parsons and the international center of photography. either way, i'm going to new york!

after six weeks


hello jannis

see his photos at jtordheim.tumblr.com.


free amina

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