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cliché list 2012

1. did you do something you've never done before? graduated, worked as a photographer, met musicians, went to roskilde, visited hungary, saw bruce springsteen live, met mumford & sons, worked in a studio, photographed nudity, worked for a magazine, studied photography
2. did you keep your new year's resolution? i never make new year's resolutions
3. did any of your friends become parents this year? no, just pregnant
4. did anyone close to you die? no
5. which places did you visit? london, dabas, budapest, hässleholm, göteborg, kristinehamn, borlänge, roskilde, lindö
6. did you miss something during 2012 that you'll have in 2013? love
7. which date from 2012 will you always remember? 12.06.12.
8. biggest sucess in 2012? my photography
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9. biggest mistake? i don't regret anything
10. have you been sick or hurt? not really
11. best buy? paying the bill of the photography course at berghs school of communication
12. on what did you spend most money? festivals and photography

13. did something make you really happy? my friends and my mother and my brother
14.what songs will always remind you of 2012? bon iver - the wolves, florence + the machine - girl with one eye, mumford & sons - lover of the light and bruce springsteen - because the night
15.were you happier of sadder than last year? both
16. what do you wish you'd done more? i wish i'd seen more of signe
17. what do you wish you'd done less? spent money
18. how did you spend christmas? with family and relatives
19. did you fall in love? no
20. best show? doctor who, californication 
screencap from "the christmas invasion"
via tvpedia
21. the best book you read? didn't read any
22. best musical discovery? bon iver

24. something you wished for and got on your birthday? can't remember
25. something you wished for but didn't get? love
26. what did you do on your birthday? partied my ass off with all my mates at ace nightclub
27. is there anything that could've made your year better? no
28. how would you describe your style in 2012? varying
29. what made you happy? photography, friends, new friends mother and brother, music
30. what celebrity was the hottest? aaron johnson 
photos by chat pitman for bullet magazine
31. who did you miss? signe
32. the best new person you met? jannis tordheim

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