lighting with frank franca

my first real class of icp has been a weekend workshop in lighting with frank franca. it's been an amazing, inspiring weekend in the studio. we've worked with continuous lights and cinematography and will start focusing on strobe light next weekend. this is the result of my group's scene.
photo credits; alia chakukova, roberto andrade martini, cristias rosas and me.

running to the sea

a couple of shots i did with my very, very best friend back in sweden, to present once i got to icp. now i've been here for almost three weeks. i love the city, the people, and above all, i love the school. 
i will update more once i get more into a daily routine, but for now i'm pretty active on instagram, @petronellaaslund.

tyagi schwartz

a guy from school brought me, and a couple of other icp students, to see tyagi schwartz in his light workshop, which is amazing. the lamps he creates are magnificent, to say the least, and he is a really cool character.


there's been a week and one day since i first set my foot in icp's school facilities. i already feel like this is where i truly belong, which is a magnificent feeling. it's going to be a tough and intensive year, but i am so convinced that i am going to have so much fun.
my main focus right now, apart from getting myself to think in photographs again, is making friends. last night i went to a rooftop party in brooklyn with some of the ta's from icp (teacher's assistants for you swedes). incredible. i'm making friends and i feel fantastic.
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coney island

went to coney island yesterday and stumbled onto a great big techno/house day party! then finished the night off with a gallery opening and drinks with my roommates. and i made a lot of new amazing friends!

new york new york

so i have finally moved to new york, which is both horrifying and exhilirating! school starts at icp, international center of photography, on monday morning! i have had a fantastic first five days. my mother flew here with me and helped me get settled in properly and then finished off with some sightseeing before she left last night. and today me and my roommates are going to coney island and a gallery opening.
1. me and my brother in the backseat on our way to arlanda airport. 2. all my luggage. 3. new york skyline as seen from ikea brooklyn 4. the keys to my first apartment! 5. mother daughter selfie in central park 6. a sneak peak from my room. 7. the view from my window. 8. waking up with my monkey on thursday morning in my new room in brooklyn. 9. lady liberty! 10. me and my mother on a sightseeing ferry with the statue of liberty photobombing us.
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