seaside heights


the tallest man on earth


i found rihanna

photography by sandra hellstenius. edit by petronella åslund.

nine months ago

bruce springsteen at ullevi, sweden.

i found lars winnerbäck


i found bon iver

i found mumford and sons

i found first aid kit

i found laleh


all the festivals

now, my work at nyheter24 is done. all of it. it's been hard, giving and amazing. i've taken my step into the life of real photographer and i want you to read about my journey here.

florence + the machine III

bon iver @ way out west

seriously. read about the show. do it. do it here.

first aid kit @ way out west

florence + the machine II


florence + the machine

read about the gig.

bruce springsteen @ ullevi II

bruce springsteen @ ullevi

more here.

the vaccines @ roskilde


the audience from ninety feet in the air

read about my flight here!

billy idol @ peace and love

read about it here.


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