an afternoon at coney island

spent this sunday afternoon by the ocean with my bestie sakshi, (who took images 4 and 6). well needed.

pure evil party: movie

spring time: movie

with desirée brutar, johanna ekdal, sofia edström, emma ahlex, hedvig winther & julia foyer.

i went to london with karolina: the movie

play it full screen. way better!

missing signe, missing dublin


qiuckest pizza


the kitty movie

all my videos

movie: amanda

ireland: irish musicians

harvest moon, save tonight, galway girl.

the island

farmer's market


for a competition

hi ya! at the moment i am entering a little contest, trying to win a canon g12. the short movie above is my competition entry, and i thought it might be awesome since it's not an ordinary movie. it's my coolest stopmotion movie! wish me luck!

(the answer to the question is 29 minutes and 59 seconds in hd format)

the hippie van

09nve: the second production

dublin: the movie

while i'm at school studying my brains out i hope you'll enjoy this one. lots of love!

09nve - a photographic production

with my urge to make a movie and with my lack of a filming function on my camera this is what i came up with. but still, i kinda like it. it's different! hope you'll enjoy! lots of love.


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